Details for LEGAL AD: Adoption Kali Nicole Weaver


V I R G I N I A : IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF CULPEPER COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION OF A CHILD TO BE KNOWN AS KALI NICOLE WEAVER Case No. AD 20-13-00 Birth Certificate No. 145-17-042919 Registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia BY William Weaver and Heather Weaver ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of this proceeding is to effectuate a parental placement adoption. Birth Father (Jeremy Patrick Davis) in this matter has not been personally served. Birth Father was served at his last known address by posted service. §63.2-1203 of the Code of Virginia states that the Circuit Court may grant the Petition for Adoption without consent from a birth parent fifteen days after personal service of the notice of the Petition for adoption on the party or parties whose consent is required, but personal service was not achievable in this current instance. §63.2-1203 further states, if personal service is unobtainable, the Circuit Court may grant the Petition for Adoption without consent from a birth parent ten days after the completion of the execution of an order of publication; therefore it is herein ORDERED that JEREMY PATRICK DAVIS appear before this Court on or before the 26th day of January, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. o'clock and indicate his attitude toward the parental placement adoption action or otherwise do what is necessary to protect her interest herein. It is therefore ADJUDGED, ORDERED and DECREED that the foregoing portion of this Order be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Culpeper Star Exponent, a newspaper having general circulation in Culpeper County, Virginia, and published therein. ENTERED this 13 day of October, 2020. Designate M. R. Hughes Judge of the Circuit Court of Culpeper County I ASK FOR THIS: OLD TOWN ADVOCATES, PC Lindsay Keeler, Esq. VSB # 87690 9306 Grant Avenue Manassas, Virginia 20110 Phone: 571.292.5651; Fx: 703.361.6400 Counsel for Petitioners

87690 9306 Grant Avenue, culpeper, VA 22701


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