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JOHNSTON: Accept the reality of the election. It's the American way.
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JOHNSTON: Accept the reality of the election. It's the American way.

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Biden to 'get right to work' despite Trump resistance

President-elect Joe Biden speaks Nov. 10 at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del.

I COULDN’T believe it.

Thirty minutes after The Associated Press called the presidential election for Joe Biden, a high school friend posted “Not my president!” on Facebook.

This is the same man who four years ago wanted to run all the Democrats who made the same posts regarding Donald Trump out of the country.

A friend in West Virginia (a Democrat) said that when he answered his telephone, his younger brother called him every filthy name in the book because Trump had lost.

My neighbor, who runs a gun shop, said that he had record sales the day after Biden’s victory was announced. That day’s sales eclipsed the previous records set right after Barack Obama was elected president and Ralph Northam became governor of Virginia.

Come on, people! Grow up! You’re acting like fourth-graders. Get a grip. The election is over, and your candidate lost. Didn’t your first-grade teacher lecture you on being a good loser?

When Trump won in 2016, the Democrats burned and looted and vowed not to accept the will of the people. Now, the Republicans are refusing to accept defeat and claiming foul.

Four years ago, the Democrats were screaming about the absurdity of the Electoral College, which overrode the popular vote. Now Republicans are claiming that there are still Trump votes hidden under mattresses and scatter rugs and in glass jars in registrars’ backyards.

What is it with Republican conspiracy theories? Anything that doesn’t go their way is the result of a conspiracy. Somebody done them wrong. Nobody can be trusted. The “deep state” is trying to control the people.

All this from people who live in what we claim to be the greatest country in the world. Riots, looting, conspiracy theories, refusing to accept the inevitable. Democrats and Republicans acting like little kids whose mothers refused to buy them a toy in Walmart.

Of course, Trump has not helped the situation. If he was the screaming kid in Walmart, he would have kicked his mother’s shin by now.

First, he claimed victory long before several key states had completed their vote counts. Then he demanded that the vote count stop when Election Day was over.

Long vote counts and delays are nothing new. Before voting machines were developed, every ballot in the United States had to be counted by hand, a job that often took days.

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As for reporting delays, in the days before there was even a telegraph, tabulations from Western states like Indiana and Illinois had to be taken to Washington by stagecoaches or horseback riders. If the rivers were up, that could take weeks.

Perhaps Trump thinks the rivers are up now and the horses can’t ford them because he is refusing to concede and accept defeat. Worse yet, he is as much as claiming that registrars across the country are dishonest, that they are hiding or manufactured votes to prevent him from winning a second term.

Unfortunately, Trump’s post-election attitude is indicative of his four years in office. It was always somebody else’s fault, and anybody who doesn’t agree with him—even members of his own party—is a bad person.

You can’t badmouth people and expect them to love you. Your words generally catch up to you in the end.

While the presidential race is settled (except in the minds of Trump and his hard-core supporters), two key runoff races in Georgia are set for Jan. 5.

Neither David Purdue nor Kelly Loeffler—both Republicans—received the required 50 percent of the votes cast Nov. 3 so, under George law, a runoff is demanded.

If both incumbents win, the Republicans will have a majority in the Senate, which will provide a balance of power with a Democratic president and House of Representatives.

Curiously, both GOP candidates are crying foul against the way the Georgia election was run and are asking Georgia’s secretary of state, a member of their own party, to resign.

So, the beat goes on, both in Washington and in Georgia. The voters will have to decide the Senate races, but the presidential race is over. Republicans may not like it, but Trump has lost and Biden has won. Recounts and lawsuits are not going to change that fact.

So come on, Mr. President. Show a little class and concede defeat. Go out on a high note. You ran a good race, but you lost.

Now you can go back to being a billionaire with a beautiful wife and a palatial estate. You might even get another TV show.

You have added “President of the United States” to your resume and that’s pretty impressive.

Now bow out with dignity and wish Biden luck.

That’s the American way.

Columnist Donnie Johnston lives in Culpeper County. Email him at

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