Donna Staton

Donna Staton is president of Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center.

This National Hospital Week looked a little different than those of years past. As it comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the importance—now more than ever—of celebrating our team members and physicians here at Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center.

Even during a worldwide pandemic, our team never once wavered in its commitment to bringing the best of health to our community. I couldn’t be prouder of them, and it turns out that I’m far from alone in that pride.

On Thursday evening, area police, fire and emergency medical services stepped up in a big way to recognize the great work that’s being done at Culpeper Medical Center.

More than a dozen organizations brought out their vehicles, turned on their lights and paraded along Sunset Lane, Hospital Drive, Laurel Street and Redbud Street so team members and patients inside the hospital could see them. Additional team members, board members and their families wore masks and lined the streets with signs to thank the team. It was a heart-warming display from our first-responder partners.

We continue to receive an outpouring of support from the Culpeper community, including homemade masks, letters of support, food donations and lawn signs. These small acts of kindness give doctors, nurses and other team members the chance to pause during this challenging time and be reminded of the importance of their work on the front lines.

The resiliency of our front-line team members has also come up in conversations I’ve had with hospital committee members and former board members, including Connie Kincheloe and Charlie Crist. They’ve echoed our leadership team’s sentiments in recent emails:

• “Having been a patient myself in our Emergency Department—and having happily listened to a long list of accolades from inpatients and outpatients I know, I understand the exceptional and comforting level of care that our doctors and nurses provide.”

• “The stories of the care being afforded to my friends infected with COVID-19 who have visited our emergency room bring me to tears. I so appreciate your team’s bravery and comforting kindnesses to these frightened, desperately ill patients of yours. There is no place like Culpeper Medical Center.”

• “I have firsthand reports of the excellent care that COVID-19 patients have received—and continue to receive at Culpeper Medical Center. The sacrifices of team members confirm my belief that Culpeper Medical Center is a mainstay for our community, and I am very proud of them.”

This dedication to the community is nothing new for Culpeper Medical Center. Sixty years ago, a group of women saw a need for a hospital in Culpeper and raised the money needed to open one.

Culpeper Medical Center has spent the last six decades building on the hospital’s original mission of providing convenient, safe, quality care—and growing to meet the changing needs of this community. Our hospital and community have benefitted from our more recent partnership with UVA Health and Novant Health, increasing the level of care and services available in our own backyard.

As we think about the care we will provide the Culpeper community after COVID-19, our focus will remain on Culpeper Medical Center’s original mission. Our team has added heightened safety measures—including patient and team-member temperature screenings, universal masking, enhanced cleaning processes and increased resources to our infection-prevention team. We’ve also taken steps to ensure physical distancing whenever possible.

We so appreciate the support of the Culpeper community, and we look forward to welcoming you all back inside of our hospital walls again soon. While COVID-19 has forced us all to make many changes, it has also reminded us of the constants in our lives.

I hope you all agree with me that one of those constants is worth celebrating: the health-care heroes of Culpeper Medical Center. We are prepared to and look forward to continuing to provide our community with safe, high-quality care today and in the better days ahead.

Donna Staton is president of

Novant Health UVA Health System Culpeper Medical Center.

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