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This month, Virginians need to speak clearly, loudly and in a common voice that the Youngkin administration’s plan to withdraw the commonwealth from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would be a disastrous, and potentially deadly, mistake.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin insists that his determination to limit abortion services in Virginia wouldn’t extend to laws that imprison women for seeking reproductive care. But it’s now clear that he’s willing to intrude upon women’s privacy in order to punish abortion providers, a very troubling de…

The past few years have gotten us used to bad news from the Centers for Disease Control, and this week was more of the same, yet this time it had nothing to do with COVID. The agency’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that about one in three high-school age girls had seriously considered suicide, and detailed sharp upticks in sexual violence and overall mental health struggles. The CDC report ...

"I wish elected officials would spend less time worrying about civic unrest and more time addressing the broken systems that lead to that unrest," says The Times-Dispatch columnist Michael Paul Williams. 

Critics can’t agree on what “woke” means. Going back a bit into our history is the idea of Black people being “woke” from the oppression of the white man and what we, as a society, can do about it. But the term has been appropriated for a variety of left-wing causes.


Need gift ideas to help with the ladies in your life? This list will surely help you make the grade.

The Culpeper Minutemen flag, in the absence of an official town flag, has become the de facto local flag. There are no records of an official town flag at the local library, nor was there any mention of one at city hall, as per the town clerk’s office. In the desert of paper records, the Min…

The commentary on Feb. 19 ("Back the politician who seeks more perfect union") asked a good question: What has Nick Freitas, our elected Delegate, done for Culpeper County? According to the column, the answer seems to be: not much.

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