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Mary Ellen Stevens

The landowner is also in trouble if the company defaults at.the last minute. Whatever money they may have made is a pittance compared to the loss of use of that land AND the clean up.

The article is spot on.

Alan Branfman

Mr. Johnson is spot-on. The Spotsyltucky Supervisors who voted for this abomination dismissed every cogent argument against it. The irony of their votes is that all of the solar power produced bypasses Spotsylvania! We get none of it! Nada! It all goes to Richmond politicians’ selected entities outside of our county (like the Indians who sold Manhattan island for $24 in trinkets, our Supervisors jumped at the potential “reward” of glittering unsupported promises by slick people who can suck the life out of their company and declare bankruptcy a year before it’s time to decommission the project. You don’t have to be from NY to smell that the “fix” was in before the theatrical hearings on this—it was already a “done deal.”

(Nevertheless, I’m still befuddled at the twisted logic of cleaning the air with solar power and destroying the earth by eventually burying the components that create it; or the encouragement of electric cars that use coal-generated electric to power-up and clean the air,)

One can only hope that no one comes to the next Spotsylvania Supervisors’ meeting with a bridge for sale.

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