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LETTER: Barrett should withdraw herself from nomination
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LETTER: Barrett should withdraw herself from nomination

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked the Obama Supreme Court nomination, saying the next president should make the selection. If that was true for Obama then it is also true for Trump.

However, the Constitution was technically upheld in both instances. Obama did make a nomination while president, as did Trump. The failure to uphold the intent of the Constitution was McConnell’s.

The Constitution assumed a fair and open hearing. If that meant waiting for the next President to take office for Obama’s nomination, then it should follow that the same rule should apply to the Trump nomination and await the next election.

McConnell’s acts were not in violation of the Constitution, but they are in violation of the character we hope for our leaders. But what’s new, in this era of partisan politics? When are we going to do away with the two-party system of government that has eroded our government, and return to reliance on a government by the people?

If the Republican-controlled Senate wants Judge Barrett confirmed then they should also vacate the first Trump nominee and hold a hearing to confirm the final Obama nomination. But of course it would be simpler to not confirm Barrett and wait until after the election to hear any more nominations for the Supreme Court.

Will this happen? Are there enough fair-minded Senators in the Senate? I doubt it!

But there is another person involved here. If the nominee is the fair and open judge she claims to be she could in all fairness withdraw her nomination because McConnell didn’t proceed in a fair and open manner. Will she? What do you think!

Fred McBride


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