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Sharon McCaffery

I agree with Susie the candidates are extremely different! Frank Reeves has long ago faced challenges and gone on to become a valuable citizen of Culpeper. My husband and I already voted for Frank. "He will do the will of the people with the council at his side."

Whereas Jon Russell is not telling Culpeper about his hidden agenda.

The Shackling of the American City -Slate Magazine

By Henry Grabar Sept 09, 2016

The idea of ACCE(American City Council Exchange) didn't come from ALEC(American Legislative Exchange Council) but was pitched by Russell, a city councilman in Culpeper, Virginia. Jon has been ACCE's only full time employee. There's nothing remarkable about Culpeper, a town of 16,000 people 70 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. But that's kind of the point. Russell argues that cities are creatures of the state, and subservient except when told otherwise.

"Cities and counties are not mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution and that's important." Russell said of ACCE's attitude toward pre-emption. States' attitudes he reasoned were as follows: "We have created you for a specific purpose, and you guys are overstepping what we created you to do."

Article; American City Council Exchange-Source Watch

Director: Jon Russell

The article above is a Is a must read: tells all the things this radical organization is working to take away from us. Example: to stop the minimum wage increase.

Is Russell the person we want to lead us as Culpeper Mayor? Jon has an agenda that's far beyond the reach of our town!

Sharon McCaffery


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