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LETTER: County Board is to blame for Lenn Park flag fiasco
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LETTER: County Board is to blame for Lenn Park flag fiasco

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In response to the letter to the editor by John Barrett on Sunday, Aug. 23 (“My view concerning Lenn park”), I am not convinced that John Barrett knows the complete story of the Lenn Brothers.

The Board of Supervisors shifted the blame and responsibility for the Confederate flag flying over Lenn Park directly onto the brothers.

The Lenn brothers are good citizens. To that end, the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter Sons of the American Revolution recognized them with their Bronze Good Citizenship Award. The award was presented at a ceremony organized by Zann Nelson, Amy and Dana Hunter and Joe Daniel and attended by citizens in the community. Two banners were created and placed at the park thanking the Lenn brothers for all that they have done.

When the Lenns built the memorial it was private land. However, when the county took ownership and established a county park, it became public land supported by all taxpayers.

In continuing to fly the Confederate flag over public property, misrepresenting the ownership facts, and blaming the Lenns, the Board of Supervisors failed to represent all citizens.

Culpeper leadership did not demonstrate inclusiveness. You can talk the talk, but history speaks for itself on inclusiveness here in Culpeper.

I have Confederate ancestors. I have ancestors who owned slaves and ancestors who were slaves. Many of our founding fathers did not have the moral courage to do what was right. The saying was that “all men were created equal,” but the prevailing belief was that those of darker skin could never be equal.

How long is that road? Blacks have fought and died in every war to protect those very freedoms despite consistently being denied them. Memorializing the Civil War and predominantly the Confederacy is very prevalent in this county, while ignoring or destroying other important history. Culpeper needs to honor and represent its American history entirely—not selectively.

Charles Jameson


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