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LETTER: Freitas should condemn assault on democracy
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LETTER: Freitas should condemn assault on democracy

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Capitol Breach

Supporters loyal to President Trump clash with authorities before breaching the U.S. Capitol during a riot on the grounds Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. Protesters tried to overturn America's presidential election.

Regarding the Jan. 8 Star-Exponent (“Leaders speak out on U.S. Capitol riot”), thanks to Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, for speaking out on the Capitol attack. It is a comfort to know that he would not throw a stone through a window.

What is not such a comfort is his equivocation about protests. I assume he wants to lump the vastly peaceful Black Lives Matter protests with the domestic terrorists who did violence to our Capitol and many of those tasked to defend it. Freitas intimates that the terrorists had legitimate grievances which brought them to the Capitol.

Freitas, if he knows anything about the U.S. Constitution, knows that actions need to be legitimate and not based on the lies Trump has told for more than four years. Insurrectionists effected this violence on the basis of nothing but these lies that have been disproven by many local governments and courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States. If Trump supporters got their facts straight, there would have been no riot.

There is a world of difference between fighting for racial justice, which we have not achieved since the Civil War, and fighting against the democracy we have tried to make “more perfect” since before the Civil War.

One does not do this by equivocating by saying, “There were some good people,” among the rioters, and “I love you,” to them. Indeed!

Stand up, Freitas! Defend America! Even though you are a member of the party that promoted and supported the man who instigated this devastating assault on our liberty, you can still take a stand and do the right thing by unequivocally condemning the insurrection—and the loser who caused it.

Frank E. Grant


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