Nick Freitas couldn’t care less about your health care.

During the 2009 Affordable Care Act debate in the U.S. House of Representatives, Florida Rep. Alan Grayson said, “If you get sick, America, the Republican healthcare plan is this: ‘Die quickly.’”

Nick voted against expanding Medicaid in 2018 because he must believe that if you can’t afford to see a doctor, you should just die quickly.

Since March 12, thousands of Virginia residents not only lost their jobs, but they lost their health insurance. Because of Medicaid expansion, as of June 30, 92,000 people are now covered. The lesson learned—your healthcare shouldn’t be tied to your employer.

After the 2020 General Assembly Session, the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange was signed into law by Gov. Northam. It will ease the sale of certified health and dental plans by private insurers to qualified individuals and employers. The Exchange will make plans available by July 1, 2023. Its goal is to bring down the cost of health insurance premiums. Guess what? Nick voted against it.

Nick said on July 18, “The enemy is the idea that you’re going to take away our freedom, our ability to make our own choices for our lives to cram into whatever government program that you think is best.” You can choose not to be insured, but that drives up the costs for all of us when you’re hospitalized.

Health care is a human right, not a privilege. No one is truly free if they can’t afford to have it.

Annette Hyde

Radiant, Va.

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Phillip Mcnichol

Funny, you say it's a right, by others paying for it, the government the decision-maker. So, by default, you are in judgement of others, voting to oppress others by taxing them to death and determining their own output to take what you demand. Great job! Another affected by superimposing their control mechanisms onto others. I'll stick with competition, worker's healthcare symbiosis, and keep out of my choices.

Michael McLamara

Why aren’t the people who have lost their health insurance signing up to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

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