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LETTER: It's 'Fahrenheit 451' in Spotsylvania
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LETTER: It's 'Fahrenheit 451' in Spotsylvania

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The Spotsylvania County School Board needs to change their name to “Fahrenheit 451.” For those that do not remember the futuristic novel published in 1953 by Ray Bradbury, it is the story of the government authorizing the burning of books. They were books the government felt were not appropriate for the public to read. Well-known authors and Pulitzer Prize authors wrote the books which were set on fire. As the books burned, the public stood around and cheered.

Just so the Spotsylvania School Board knows—books burn at a temperature of 451 fahrenheit.

What the Spotsylvania parents are demanding is exactly what the government in the book demanded: the removal and burning of books. What the Spotsylvania School Board is mandating is exactly what the government did in book “Fahrenheit 451.”

A school board should never decide what books are appropriate for high school students to read. The high schools consist of a diverse group of students. Each student has the right to decide what books they want to read. It is up to each individual parent to determine what books are appropriate for their child to read, not the school board.

If the Spotsylvania School Board approves the removal of books from the high school library, what will parents demand next of the Spotsylvania School Board? Will parents demand what high school courses should be taught and will the Spotsylvania School Board approve their demand?

Norman Cramer

Locust Grove

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