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LETTER: Let's not put McAuliffe back in office
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LETTER: Let's not put McAuliffe back in office

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Terry McAuliffe is a compulsive liar. This time The American Spectator, Washington Times, CNS News, Townhall, Politics 406, and others recently noted it in a number of newsworthy articles.

His lies should negatively affect his run for Governor of Virginia. In 2000, 2001, and 2004, this left-leaner repeated false claims Bush stole the election from Gore, accusing the Supreme Court for the outcome.

In a recent debate, McAuliffe’s response to a Critical Race Theory (CRT) question, it is a “dog whistle.” Denying CRT was taught or is being taught in Virginia schools, evidence suggests otherwise. As Governor in 2015, his Education Department initiated CRT as “an important analytic tool” for addressing “power and privilege” in all Virginia schools. It just so happens that CRT rolled right into the Northam administration and was expanded. This counters his argument that CRT was not taught in prior years through today.

In a recent interview, he was asked to define CRT. He avoided responding and diverted attention to something else. He did not have an answer because he does not even know what it is. Then enters Trump’s name as a diversion for division. Other times this year in a September debate what he said about the COVID-19 masking, “We need to make life hard on people [Virginians],” another denial.

Read, read, read a variety of sources about this Syracuse, New York [Virginian] so you do not make a grave mistake and put him back in office. Virginians should not drink the McAuliffe Kool-aid because it is tainted. In an August Townhall: “Perhaps no Democrat has a worse habit of repeating lies, though, including and especially after they’ve been fact-checked, than Terry McAuliffe, who was elected the governor of Virginia in 2013 and is running for another term.”

Chris Ezelle

Locust Grove

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