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LETTER: Miyares wastes time, money on airline-masking lawsuit

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It is amazing to me that Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is wasting time and public money suing the federal government over masking on airlines.

First, Miyares isn’t in any position to bring such a suit. He is extremely unqualified to make that judgment.

I understand that attorneys feel they are gifted people with exceptional mental capacities, and the rest of us are just dummies to be tolerated.

But when real scientists tell us it is safer to be cautious than foolhardy, I would rather listen to the people with the actual knowledge than some publicity-hungry attorney splashing his name all over the papers to waste public money and maybe threaten the lives of travelers.

If Miyares wants to take on the airlines, why doesn’t he file suit over the fact that airlines overcrowd every aircraft to the point that flying is a miserable experience?

Quiet frankly, I am very tired of these self-righteous, know-it-alls telling us that such things are not any of our business.

Government should do everything imaginable to protect the safety of citizens, not seek out partisan ways to put the other side on the defensive.

Mr. Miyares’ work on something like the state’s opium problem, instead of showing you lack of any science knowledge.

Fred McBride, Culpeper

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