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LETTER: News media has overblown COVID-19 crisis

LETTER: News media has overblown COVID-19 crisis

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All people in the media know what causes fear for the public. The media will distort any issue to sell news.

This writer worries that the aftermath of recriminations or who is to blame will merely expose the media as little more than a tabloid event.

People in a free country have, in the past, had a “watchdog” media to keep us informed of government wrongdoing. Sadly, with all the bickering within and without the media, they have foregone their first-love watchdog status.

In the end, freedom may be its victim or, as President James Madison said, lost.

One doctor of biological engineering has said the current approach to a pandemic is comprised of three elements: political, health and economy.

Health-wise, many conservatives suspect that data has been corrupted because all doctors, using diagnostic codes, insist that all respiratory cases be coded for coronavirus whether or not the patient has it or had it. Even death from some other respiratory infection gets chalked up as COVID-19 because the patient may have come in contact at some point with a carrier.

We use the term “corrupted” because people are dying during this and every flu season, but from what exactly? The answer will not come from politicians or the media since those have separate agendas.

Data that demonstrate most humans are asymptomatic (meaning they may contract an infectious disease but show no symptoms) bewilder the public. Most countries (outside of communist China) find that people with suppressed immune systems, i.e. the elderly, are the most susceptible to any infectious disease. Asymptomatic people or folks with apparently powerful immune systems are most likely to fight off infectious diseases.

I hope the public can take the precautions we always have, by washing hands, sneezing or coughing into your sleeve, staying home if sick, getting medical attention, and getting back to work.

Be assured that the CDC is working on a vaccine. Two trillion dollars should take care of the ancillaries.

And don’t worry, kids, summer “vacation” will continue indefinitely.

Frank Sardina


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