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LETTER: No replacement for Trump's policy on illegal alien sex offenders
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LETTER: No replacement for Trump's policy on illegal alien sex offenders

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When the Biden administration eliminated President Trump’s policy that targeted illegal alien sex offenders, the message they appear to be sending is that they now condone the sex offender’s predation in the United States.

Because the policy has been reversed and no guidelines have been established to replace it, essentially now it seems it’s OK for criminals coming illegally into our country to sexually assault, molest and/or rape anyone they desire with no consequences.

From my perspective, this reversal of policy also means that if one of these special sex offenders happens to rape the son or daughter of a U.S. Representative or Senator, that must be OK. Under Biden, this kind of behavior seems to be legal. It’s amazing how little this administration cares about protecting U.S. citizens.

Christopher H. Ezelle

Locust Grove

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