It is sad, but quite expected, that someone of Joe Daniel’s philanthropic character would offer to pay for the removal of the statue of the Confederate soldier on Culpeper’s courthouse lawn.

While it can be very trying to tolerate someone’s alternative view of ideology, toleration here being the chief word, this is likely just another matter of “money talks and credit whispers.”

I suspect Culpeper County will smell the money and run with this proposal.

Perhaps a less tiring and expensive solution, for Mr. Daniel anyway, would be to remove the Confederate symbols (flag, rifle and plaques) but leave the soldier—who will then look like an innocuous old guy in baggy clothes, a perch for pigeons.

Mr. Daniels should be more than happy then, spared an exorbitant cost, to have a facsimile of his likeness carved into the former face of the soldier. Surely the pigeons will know the difference, too.

Joseph Hudson, Reva

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