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LETTER: Reuther follows typical Democratic line of argument

LETTER: Reuther follows typical Democratic line of argument

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After reading the recent Star-Exponent op-ed by David Reuther titled “Culpeper pulls together during rough time,” I’m not sure what was more misleading: the headline or the editorial.

The assertions made by the author were ridiculous, and almost fraudulent. His persistent attacks against Republicans in general and President Trump in particular have become his trademark and are, quite frankly, getting tiresome and old.

Reuther’s information on current COVID-19 cases in the county is wrong and misleading; a simple search of the Virginia Department of Health website clearly shows the real story.

His diatribe about Republican tax cuts is nothing more than a Democratic talking point; even the New York Times has admitted that most tax payers received a tax cut, not just big businesses.

Reuther laments that President Trump ignored daily briefings about the developing pandemic, yet when the president restricted travel from China, it was Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who severely criticized him—for trying to protect Americans. Nancy Pelosi went so far as to introduce legislation attempting to limit the president’s authority to initiate travel bans. She also held up money from hard-working Americans in small businesses in an effort to pass Democratic policy along with the relief bill.

And you know who supported Nancy Pelosi throughout all of this? Our illustrious 7th District representative, Abigail Spanberger. While she takes credit for her vote on the CARES Act, she doesn’t talk about why she supported holding up the money desperately needed by small business owners until Democratic donors like the Kennedy Center were added to the bill, so they would also reap benefits.

Ms. Spanberger is labeled as a “centrist” and a “moderate.” However, her voting record tells a much different story. A voting record from which she can run, but she can’t hide.

Scott Karhan


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