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LETTER: Russell and Reaves should debate issues
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LETTER: Russell and Reaves should debate issues

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Jon Russell has issued a challenge to Frank Reaves Jr. for two debates. I know a lot of people would love a debate between the two—and not just the forum where everybody gets to speechify unchallenged.

Making speeches is easy for politicians. Short conversations in a crowd are easy for politicians who love nothing better than to shake hands and kiss babies. They can build a whole persona that way and no one ever gets to know or see them as they really are.

Being able to debate the important issues reveals their depth of knowledge and understanding of issues. It provides them the opportunity to convince us why the path they want to lead the town down is the better one. It shows us their thought process, how quickly they can think on their feet, how well they can communicate. Their powers of persuasion are a measure of how well they can lead.

I would love to hear them discuss why what they want to do about the brown water issue is the best route. I’d like to hear them discuss innovative ideas to help low income and homeless folks. I would love to hear them debate how the town should begin replacing or updating infrastructure. That’s a huge clock that is quickly ticking down, and it seems most small-town politicians across the nation don’t want to do anything except hope that the “big crisis” doesn’t happen on their watch.

Please! Reaves and Russell! Hold mayoral candidate debates!

Brenda Growden


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