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LETTER: Russell is part of Keene push for local Republican overhaul
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LETTER: Russell is part of Keene push for local Republican overhaul

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The office of Culpeper mayor and Town Council have, traditionally, been non-partisan. Jon Russell, however, has left that tradition behind and promotes himself as “Republican.”

Now we see (Star-Exponent, May 27) that Michael Webert, Republican member of the House of Delegates, has endorsed Russell for Culpeper Mayor. The first step to Marshal Keene’s boast that his party would run Republican candidates up and down the ballots especially, our local, non-partisan races—apparently the fulfilment of a new “Red Wave.”

Russell seems to be the start of Keene’s dream. Formerly the Chair of the local Republican Committee, Russell cheered, on Facebook, while watching an OAN broadcast of the events of January 6 that “patriots have entered the building.” Of course, “the Building” was the U.S. Capitol, the seat of our democratic government.

Let’s hope that Sheriff Jenkins has cautioned Russell that breaking and entering is still a crime. At least FBI thinks so.

Anthony Jordan


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