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LETTER: Scott Jenkins is Culpeper's wannabe warlord
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LETTER: Scott Jenkins is Culpeper's wannabe warlord

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Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins has never served in the armed forces, but ask him and he’ll tell you about the time he almost joined during Desert Storm.

I believe the reason is clear as to why, but it is quite clear he still has a desire to wage war, although not against a foreign enemy but rather the community he has sworn to protect.

The Culpeper Sheriff’s Office has an MRAP, a SWAT team, and now Jenkins has even vowed to raise his own army of “auxiliary deputies” to ensure that only people he deems worthy would be allowed to own firearms others could not.

Sheriff Jenkins will even let you play soldier for the low price of $750 to help fund his arms obsession.

This is not surprising given his childlike worship of Donald Trump, who also chose to ignore his nation’s call and quite often thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

No person who has actually served their country in a war would ever seek to bring it home to American soil; as a veteran, I certainly don’t.

Culpeper needs real leadership, not a toy soldier and certainly not a petty wannabe warlord.

Ryan Jones


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