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LETTER: Sunday editorial left out key information
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LETTER: Sunday editorial left out key information

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Memorial Day (copy)

A man rests his hand over his heart during a Memorial Day ceremony, Monday, May 27, 2019, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Fair and Balanced?

The Star-Exponent editorial for Sunday, May 30, ”Are we really honoring our war dead?”, was interesting more for what it failed to say rather than what it did say.

Typically, the editorial told one side of the story about honoring our country and it’s fallen heroes. It highlighted the January 6 uprising while failing to mention the more than 72 nights of protests (aka riots) in just one city, Portland, Oregon, such as people killed (some sources say as many as 24) and several hundred injuries, and the record number of murders in the month of July alone.

I am not trying to minimize what happened of January 6. Any riot brings shame on our history of freedom and on those who fought and died to preserve it.

But It is interesting how one riot is highlighted while numerous others are somehow rationalized as “peaceful” protests of “oppressed” people, according to some national news media reports.

The American people are not stupid. We can see what is going on in Minneapolis, Seattle, Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, etc. We just can’t seem to balance the one with the many others.

Roger Depue

Boston, Culpeper County

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