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LETTER: The Democratic party has become radicalized

LETTER: The Democratic party has become radicalized

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The Democratic Party of today is vastly different from the Democratic party of a few years ago.

John F Kennedy promoted law and order and even tax cuts. Even under President Obama, Democrats did not support anything as radical as the Green New Deal or the violence that has been spurred by some BLM and Antifa activists.

During their convention, Democrats gave open support to Black Lives Matter. This support was offered even as rioting, breaking windows, looting and even bloodshed was happening at the hands of some extreme members of this very organization. They never mentioned a word of condemnation or even disapproval. In the past few days have Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden mentioned that they do not support the violence—most likely in response to polls showing public disapproval.

When Bill Clinton was president, he would never have supported illegal immigration. Those were the days when Democrats put their country ahead of far-left political ideology and supported building a wall. Today, Joe Biden’s unity platform basically results in open borders. These illegal immigrants will take American jobs, commit crimes and very possibly get free healthcare.

Kamala Harris supports Medicare for All. Joe Biden’s “Right for All” comment indicates he may also. Do we really want to be stuck with whatever doctor the government assigns us and whatever timeframe they decide on?

Please vote against Democrats Abigail Spanberger, Mark Warner and Joe Biden, so that America can stay strong and prosperous against an enemy such as China, and so that our whole country does not fall into the chaos we see in Democrat-controlled cities. Think about our whole country having the homeless problem of California before you vote for Democrats!

Raymond Bender


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