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LETTER: The differences between Republicans and Democrats

LETTER: The differences between Republicans and Democrats

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We are inundated with media hyperbole that American politics are divided. In reality, recent presidential election results leave little doubt.

A trend toward unity requires an honest evaluation of the two major party platforms.

Briefly, if a Democrat, one believes a central government must control every social aspect of public life, in other words, socialism, while basically stifling creativity.

If a Republican, government power is limited by a system called federalism. Powers not enumerated in the Constitution are left to the states (10th Amendment). Five decades of Supreme Court activism and state greediness (think Medicaid) has pretty much caused federalism to be relegated to history.

Again, if a Democrat (liberal) then the Constitution must be a document with “holes” in order to accommodate factions such as same-sex marriage; women’s right to infanticide; government uncontrolled bureaucracies; teachers’ unions with little more than taxpayer extortion as a goal; emotion-signaling by politicians as a platform. You get the idea of a “crying towel” replacing a donkey as a Democratic mascot.

If we’ve learned anything about government “benevolence” in the last 5 decades it is that the more we give to people and ask nothing in return, bankruptcy and chaos result (violent protests by none other than “idle hands”).

In other words how long will people be satisfied with a new minimum wage, teacher and bus drivers’ wages and benefits? The cause of inequality is simply objecting that your neighbor is being favored to incite you to demand more. It’s a road to ruin, folks.

If we need more convincing of Democratic malfeasance, check out “universal income”—egads! It’s as if the beneficiaries in welfare communities, Appalachia or Indian reservations haven’t taught us anything about the connection between idle hands and drug and sex abuse and criminality.

If a Republican (conservative)—always on the defensive, except for brief times of obvious compromise for sensible reform.

Frank Sardina


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