The law on the books in Virginia currently doesn’t infringe on the rights of any individual to properly apply and receive a weapons permit, including assault weapons with expanded magazines.

If you disagree with that law then you may, perhaps, choose to disobey the law and organize an army of individuals, raid all homes where these people live and take away their guns and destroy them. Or, you may go to the polls and elect people who will change the law and place restrictions on what is reasonable and prudent for gun control. Or, you may wait until a gun control act is passed and signed into law, then challenge it in the court.

The first solution is called anarchy, where no law exists—it’s one gang of storm troopers against the other and the result is tribal warfare. This is what exists in the middle east and this is what Scott Jenkins is proposing for the people of Culpeper County. This is what Ireland experienced for over 400 years. This isn’t what I thought America was all about.

If Jenkins disagrees with these proposed laws he has every right to organize protests against them. He has every right to campaign for persons who support his belief. He has every right to challenge in court the constitutional validity of the laws, if passed. But what he doesn’t have the right to do is organize a bunch of “deputies” that will defy the law, once it is passed. And that appears to be what he has planned.

If Jenkins feels so strongly that he is right then he should pursue that right in a legal manner—not the manner outlined in the Wednesday, July 22 Star Exponenent (“Culpeper sheriff recruiting help to combat gun control laws”).

Fred McBride


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