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LETTER: The Star-Exponent is a balanced community news source
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LETTER: The Star-Exponent is a balanced community news source

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As someone who reads four to six newspapers every day online, I can say without reservation that the Culpeper Star-Exponent is one of the most balanced news sources available to readers. Those who believe otherwise are gravely mistaken.

I worry that critics have forgotten a basic tenet of democracy: freedom of the press. Today newspapers have come under fire by politicians who suggest that “the news” is biased toward the “other party.” That’s a narcissistic view.

For newspapers to survive, they must present a balanced viewpoint; further, they must provide a voice for the community via Letters to the Editor and other forums for local announcements and news. The Star-Exponent fulfills this role responsibly and fully.

If you want to stay informed about the Culpeper community as well as news affecting those of us who live in the area, the Culpeper Star-Exponent is a must-read.

Kenneth M. Gassman, Jr.


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