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LETTER: There are issues more important than guns
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LETTER: There are issues more important than guns

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Last year “guns” were the number one issue on the ballot in rural Virginia.

However, a gun has its limits. It will not protect a person from getting Covid-19, allow us access to affordable medical or mental healthcare or prescription drugs.

A gun will not ensure quality public education for all children in Virginia. It will not help you get employment, buy food or secure housing.

A gun will not stop crops from failing or ensure a stable feed supply for livestock. It will not stop the earth’s 40,000-year-old permafrost from melting.

A gun will not keep people from having unprotected sex, which may lead to a women terminating her pregnancy. It cannot help resolve the inequalities of the poor and under-employed people of this nation.

A gun does not help people understand that Black Lives Matter simply means we all need to live by our Pledge of Allegiance, which promises “justice for all.”

A gun will not rebuild the respect that law enforcement officers deserve as our protectors. A gun will not help men or women obtain the equality we all deserve in the workplace.

While running for the House of Delegates every person I talked with—Republican or Democrat—agreed that both parties need to work together to address the true issues that affect everyone’s quality of life.

Nick Freitas’ record shows he does not work across party lines. Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger’s record shows she will, even if she is criticized by her fellow Democrats.

Ann Ridgeway


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