The last thing Culpeper needs is to become another Covid-19 hotspot.

I notice with dismay that many people still enter our local stores without wearing a mask even though the science says this is necessary for the protection of all.

I would urge city leaders and city businesses to enforce this common-sense requirement. Residents who don’t wear a mask should be cited and fined.

Businesses should consider it their obligation to protect their customers who are good citizens, not cater to those customers who are bad citizens.

It isn’t, as some claim, an infringement on rights. If you drive a car without wearing a seat belt, you can be fined. If you drive while intoxicated, you can be jailed. There are times when the rights of many supersede the rights of a selfish few.

Ron Coleman


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David Estrada

Absolutely! The fines could make up for the loss of local tax revenue. And if a person refuses to wear a mask in a store, the store can charge them with trespassing; another $2500! Come on, let's make some money!! *silver lining*

Jonathan Ernst

Why has this become so political? We must all suffer a little to get this under control. If we would all just wear a mask, I understand that there are health exceptions, then we can return safely to a more normal life.

Want to go back to school full time? Wear a mask

Want to go to a sporting event? Wear a mask

Want to go to a restaurant? Wear a mask

Want to go back to work? Wear a mask

Want to go to a movie theater? Wear a mask

It is not about you,; it is about us.

It is not about me; it is about we.

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