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LETTER: Trump has the power to unite America
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LETTER: Trump has the power to unite America

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Biden faces tough choice of whether to back virus lockdowns (copy)

President Donald Trump listens during an event on Operation Warp Speed in the Rose Garden of the White House, Friday, Nov. 13, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

“All nice people, like us, are We, and everyone else is They.” —Rudyard Kipling

Our president, Donald Trump, has done a good job of We and They, despite his constitutional imperative of governing Us. As the result, we who are living have life, many of us—not all—have liberty. Hardly anyone in our country has happiness, as we are divided by fear and hate these days.

In a recent speech, President-Elect Biden asked Republicans for a chance to heal the divisions in our great but agonized country. So far, not many are giving him a chance.

People are questioning the results of the vote count, saying that late-counted and mail-in ballots are fraudulent because they put Biden ahead of Trump’s early lead. Biden did lead and has kept increasing his lead—but not because of fraud.

Those questioning the results should remember the president’s remarks before the election, directing his supporters not to vote by mail but to come out on Election Day, which they did in great numbers.

It is widely acknowledged that many more Democrats voted early or by mail to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

So, the result is what it is because of a dire health crisis, leading to a large early vote being counted later than the Election Day vote.

However, this does not appear to sway Trump supporters one iota. Whatever Trump says, they believe.

Which can be both good and bad: If President Trump says that Biden’s win is legitimate, that all legal votes are being counted (and no widely trusted source has found evidence that illegal votes are being counted), and if Trump agrees to abide by his constitutional responsibility to govern ALL the people, not just his supporters, and if he finds the grace to concede his loss in a fair political contest—then our country will begin to heal.

I believe Biden cannot fully Unite the States without Trump’s support; and Trump cannot improve his legacy without supporting Biden’s win.

Frank E. Grant


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