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Instead of packing a beach towel, @hgtv recommends using a fitted sheet weighed down by your coolers and chairs to claim a spot. You can also bring a snow sled to unload the car, and stash valuables in a diaper where beach thieves will never dare to look.

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Sedan lease deals in June are excellent. Forbes Wheels’ Top 10 includes several premium sedans as well as decent mainstream 2020s that haven’t left dealer lots yet (and 2022 is almost here).

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Cars trap heat like greenhouses, and can get dangerously hot very quickly. A study from Stanford found that on sunny days when temperatures ranged from 72 to 96 degrees, car interiors warmed by an average of 40 degrees in minutes.

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Sunshade:‌ If you think you will get caught out in the sun, you can get a sunshade to cover the windshield, reducing its greenhouse effect. Sunshades are often collapsible for easy storage.

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A tried-and-true method: Air out your car by rolling down the passenger-side window and fanning the driver-side door to push the hot air out.

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